Hakaiou Noritaka!
Hakaiou Noritaka!

Hakaiou Noritaka!

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Comedy, Martial Arts, School Life, Shounen, Sports
  • Noritaka is a weak-willed high school student who has a crush on his beautiful classmate, Nakayama
  • He tries to ask her out, but learns that she only likes strong men, so he takes on kickboxing
  • A pathetic loser joins his school's dismantled kickboxing club to finally impress the girl he likes
Noritaka is a loser in high-school with no hopes of ever being cool. He just happens to have a strong kick, a love for kickboxing, and a crush on a girl that's probably impossible to get. But wait, she's into to strong men, the total opposite of Noritaka. Maybe he can use that leg of his to get really strong at kickboxing and win her heart! Sounds like a plan? Read this manga to see if it works.
Other Facts
Mar 13, 1991 to Jun 15, 1994
Shounen Magazine (Weekly)
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