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Isekai desu ga Mamono Saibai shiteimasu.

16 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 485
Without warning, young Kyouji Himuro opens his door to see that he’s been transported into an alternate, RPG-like fantasy world! His new life should be awesome -- until Kyouji realizes he has no money, no magic, and no fighting skill.

While dumpster diving, he finds some seeds and decides to grow his own food, but to his shock, the seeds grow monsters! When he meets the cute knight, Lily, she reveals that monster growing is a rare and highly-paid feat. Kyouji decides to make use of his only ability, and teams up with Lily to grow and harvest monsters!


Other Facts

PublishedMay 21, 2017 to ?
Last UpdatedNovember 20, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names異世界ですが魔物栽培しています。