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"They do not care even if I can see their panties!"

High school student Daisuke Kaji, who is bad with gals, was made to deliver something to the house of the biggest monster gal, Chiriko Iega. Forced to bring Iega to her bedroom, Kaji is shocked by her unimaginably filthy room! After being amazed by the level of cleaning knowledge Kaji demonstrated, Iega extorts him into cleaning her entire room!

The beginning of a gal love comedy!


Other Facts

English PublisherNone
Original PublisherKodansha
PublishedFeb 8, 2018 to ?
SerializationMagazine Pocket
Last Updated4 days ago
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesギャル☆クリ!, Gal☆Cleaning!, Gyaru Kuri!