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Tonikaku Kawaii (Fly me to the moon)

52 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 55
Yuzaki Nasa’s first name has the kanji for “Starry Night,” but it’s pronounced as “Nasa”. He tries to be well-suited for his strange name by always aiming for the top. But one snowy night, he lets his guard down and gets hit by a car while chasing after a cute girl.

The girl, Tsukasa, saves him, and Nasa takes that moment to confess to this mysterious and cute stranger! Tsukasa agrees to go out with him...but only if they get married! Fast forward a few years and Nasa opens his door to see Tsukasa, who calls him her husband! Thus begins their strange married life.


Other Facts

SerializationShuukan Shounen Sunday (Shogakukan)
Last Updated4 days ago
Other namesトニカクカワイイ, Tonikaku Kawaii, Tonikaku Cawaii


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Chapter 49: Cute is justice! I think.
4 days ago
Chapter 48: Regarding happinessMarch 5, 2019
Chapter 47: I've always liked drawing maid clothesFebruary 25, 2019
Chapter 46: A short 8 page short this weekFebruary 20, 2019
Chapter 45: Whether you believe it or not is up to youFebruary 11, 2019
Chapter 44: Retort like the storm, never give up on those jokes~February 9, 2019
Chapter 43: I went to an aquarium twice to write this aquarium date chapter. I didn't go with anyone though.January 29, 2019
Chapter 42: This idiot's hand glows with an awesome power. Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!January 18, 2019
Chapter 41: Time! For! The! Pa! Ar! Ty!!!!January 14, 2019
Chapter 40: Good couple day. I want them to be chosen for Best Partners of the Year. Autumn...December 24, 2018
Chapter 39: The early bird gets the worm. Do you really want to wake up early for a worm?December 24, 2018
Chapter 38: The Road HomeDecember 12, 2018
Chapter 37: “Who made this tonkatsu!” Yuuzan said, but he didn’t come storming in.November 25, 2018
Chapter 36: Only Kittens Have That No-Effort CutenessNovember 4, 2018
Chapter 35: Go on a trip to wash your life, come home to wash your clothesOctober 29, 2018
Chapter 34: I didn't make any program on Ba-Maga, I just read Kage-san's manga all dayOctober 21, 2018
Chapter 33: Love story's over. Or it sure feels like it... This ain't a dream! It's real...! This is real...!October 12, 2018
Chapter 32: Love is like the rain letting up... yeah right lol.October 12, 2018
Chapter 31: This is all because Nini Rajio never took off. Enii~October 4, 2018
Chapter 30: Everything will disappear and be lostSeptember 21, 2018
Chapter 29: I wish my dad was as popular as KurosawaSeptember 20, 2018
Chapter 28: Whatever Parents Experience, Kids Don’t Know. More Like, They Don’t Want To KnowSeptember 8, 2018
Chapter 27: I'm HomeAugust 25, 2018
Chapter 26: Everything is so I can love youAugust 8, 2018
Chapter 25: The Older You Get, The Better Kyoto Becomes.August 6, 2018
Chapter 24: I Had to Go All the Way to Ebina to Write This ChapterJuly 28, 2018
Chapter 23: Mankind’s Creation, The Food Court, Gets Really Exciting The Fourth Time You GoJuly 18, 2018
Chapter 22: A Mystery Of Life: How To Get From Tokyo To Kyoto With Only 1600 Yen.July 12, 2018
Chapter 21: A trip for two. Our fight only starts here! I'd love to read this, but ...July 6, 2018
Chapter 20: It's Sudden Because It's A SurpriseJuly 2, 2018
Chapter 19: What is this chapter about?June 23, 2018
Chapter 18.5: OmakeAugust 21, 2018
Chapter 18: After thisJune 15, 2018
Chapter 17: Reading This While Listening To Ozaken’s “Love And Be Loved, That The Way To Live" Is A Great Way To Do ThisJune 10, 2018
Chapter 16: A happy story which makes you think "If we were in some parallel dimension, this would be a very misfortunate story"June 2, 2018
Chapter 15: The brigade chief ordered me not to stop, but I’m still here. So i wrote this chapter nonstopMay 26, 2018
Chapter 14: PromiseMay 16, 2018
Chapter 13: Things Won't Look Too Good If You Lose To ThatMay 15, 2018
Chapter 12: I Just Want To Go Back SomewhereMay 6, 2018
Chapter 11: The Problems Which Occur Between Boy And Girl Usually Start At This PointMay 3, 2018
Chapter 10: The height of Lilin’s culture. There are three baths in the DistanceApril 29, 2018
Chapter 9: I want my kouhai to be feisty. Yeah, so feisty she’s prettyApril 23, 2018
Chapter 8.5: OmakeMay 20, 2018
Chapter 8: The tastiest thing in the world is a meal someone treats you to. Man, I wanna eat some sushiApril 8, 2018
Chapter 7: I'll sleep even though Luna-chan's telling me to wake up. Sleep like a rockMarch 31, 2018
Chapter 6: Going to Don-Qi at night makes you excited. Maybe late night markets tooMarch 29, 2018
Chapter 5: Araragi-kun said this once before. I love every part of youMarch 28, 2018
Chapter 4: Only You Can Touch Me, So?March 3, 2018
Chapter 3: This Is Simpler than Making a Contract With Kyuubey, But More Serious than Becoming A Magical Girl.March 3, 2018
Chapter 2.5: Intruding One Shot (Kumeta Kouji)February 21, 2018
Chapter 2: ... And Just Like That, Happily Ever After.February 21, 2018
Chapter 1: Moonlight Is A Message Of Love.February 21, 2018