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One random day, a high school girl is suddenly able to see ghosts! She can't run but she tries her best to act like she can't see them at all. The story of a girl with a sixth sense begins!

Other Facts

Last UpdatedDecember 9, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesMieru Ko-chan (pixiv), Child That Can See It (Pixiv), The Girl That Sees "Them", 見える子ちゃん, Mieruko-chan


Chapter 3December 9, 2018
Chapter 2November 27, 2018
Chapter 1.5November 20, 2018
Chapter 1.4November 20, 2018
Chapter 1.3November 20, 2018
Chapter 1.2November 20, 2018
Chapter 1.1November 20, 2018