Lesson of the Evil

    Completed | 35 chapters
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    • Hasumi Seiji is seemingly a charming and teacher popular with his students and peers
    • His appearance masks his antisocial and murderous way of solving the smallest problems
    • A thrilling and nerve-wracking story centered around a psycopathic but charismatic teacher
    A teacher named Seiji Hasumi is loved by his students and respected by his peers. However, his outward charm masks his true nature. In reality, Hasumi is a psychopath who is unable to feel empathy for other human beings. Specifically, he has a severe antisocial personality disorder. Because of his mental condition, Hasumi chooses to deal with problems like bullying and overbearing "monster parents" the easy way, by systematically murdering his students/parents.






    PublishedMar 7, 2012 to Sep 7, 2015
    Serializationgood! Afternoon
    Last UpdatedApril 28, 2019
    Other namesAku no Kyouten, Aku no Kyoten, 悪の教典
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