Colette Decides to Die

    Ongoing | 39 chapters
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    • Colette is no stranger to exhaustion as being the only doctor in town forces her to work long hours
    • Seeking peace, she ends her own life and awakens in the land of the dead, where she meets Lord Hades
    • But Hades suffers from a strange illness, and so Colette is forced to help even beyond death
    Colette is the only doctor is a certain town, and as such, she’s kept extremely busy. All she wants is a moment to rest. Exhausted, she falls down a well one day, hoping to reach peace on the other side…

    However, when she wakes up, she finds she’s in the land of the dead, ruled by Lord Hades himself! Before Colette knows it, she’s put in front of Hades to see if she can cure his mysterious disease! Will this doctor be able to heal the body of the lord of the dead?






    PublishedNov 5, 2013 to ?
    SerializationHana to Yume
    Last UpdatedNovember 30, 2019
    Other namesColette wa Shinu Koto ni Shita, コレットは死ぬことにした
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