Assassin's Pride
Assassin's Pride

Assassin's Pride

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Action, Comedy, Romance, Seinen, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery
  • Kufa Vanpil is a skilled assassin tasked to help the "talent-less" Melida Angel awaken her mana
  • He arrives in the city of Flandor to tutor Melida into a proud-worthy paladin for her noble family
  • As Kufa unravels Angel Family secrets, his job risks turning awry that may give Melida a dark fate
Humans are granted the power of “mana” to unlock their potential for power and greatness. One handsome Kufa Vanpiel is a powerful assassin, fortunate enough to have great mastery of his mana energy. One day, he is given a mission pertaining to the young Lady Melida Angel: a “talent-less” teenage girl despite coming from a reputable noble family known for becoming royal paladins. With high society gossiping and questioning Melida's parentage, Kufa’s mission is simple: to become Melida’s tutor and awaken her her potential as a great paladin for her noble family's glory. Though behind his main job, there hides a sinister Plan B that might resort to Kufa using his killing expertise. Is Melida a worthy paladin or truly talent-less? It’s a bet on Kufa's own pride to show the world what the young beautiful lady is capable of!
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May 19, 2017 to ?
Ultra Jump
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