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Ex Strongest Swordsman Long For Magic In Different World

4 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 3600
Once, there was a man known as the strongest swordsman in the world. One day, he decided to truly test his power, and in striking down a powerful beast, it granted his unspoken wish.

That man has reincarnated into a young boy named Souma who is getting ready for his “skill appraisal” that will determine his magical potential. Unfortunately, it seems like in this world, his skill level was determined to be “zero”! Fueled by the determination of his past self, Souma nonetheless trains to learn magic!


Other Facts

SerializationComic Ride (Micro Magazine)
Last UpdatedSeptember 27, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names元最強の剣士は、異世界魔法に憧れる, Moto Saikyou no Kenshi wa, Isekai Mahou ni Akogareru