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Buster Dress

13 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 14371
At the end of the 22nd century, the human race is creating a new colony called Second Earth to deal with overpopulation. But after a mysterious terrorist attack on the planet, colonization was halted, and a unit made up of Buster Dress, an incredibly intelligent A.I. mech, have been deployed to investigate.

Haruto Aoi, along with his uniquely emotive Buster Dress, Gunhawk, embark on a rescue mission for the researchers on Second Earth and investigate the origin of the terrorist attack. Although Haruto has dreams of being a proper soldier, he may not be prepared to face his new enemies, or lose more than what’s already been taken from him...


Other Facts

Original PublisherKodansha
SerializationBessatsu Shounen Magazine (Kodansha)
Last UpdatedJuly 11, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesバスタードレス