Bus Gamer (Stencil)
Bus Gamer (Stencil)

Bus Gamer (Stencil)

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Action, Shounen, Drama, Mystery
  • 3 young lowlifes are hired by a big company to participate in a strange game and earn lots of money
  • They start to question their odd job when one of their defeated opponents turns up dead on the news
  • A shady way of making money suddenly becomes a fight for their life in this gritty thriller
Toki Mishiba, Nobuto Nakajyo, and Kazuo Saitoh are hired to play the Biz Game, a game much like capture the flag, only with company secrets and insane amounts of money involved. At first they think it's a crazy but fun way to get some money, but as the game goes on, they hear stories about mysterious deaths on the news, and recognize the victims as members of the teams they've beaten in the game. When one of the losers of a game dies right in front of them, they realize what is really at stake - their very lives! * Note: Bus Gamer was originally published in shoujo magazine Stencil, but was later re-drawn and re-published in shounen magazine Comic REX. Both times it was axed after the magazine went under. This is the Stencil version.
Kazuya Minekura
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Stencil (Square Enix)
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