Midori no Ou
Midori no Ou

Midori no Ou

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Supernatural, Action, Seinen, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Mecha
  • Shin Souma, a teenage boy, goes New York to visit his twin brother, a genius scientist working there
  • His brother studies methods to stop the advance of powerful wooden mecha robots called the Arethusa
  • Shin is saved from death by his brother's serum, but it turns him into a human and Arethusa hybrid
In the middle of a near future apocalypse, nature is taking Earth back from humanity: foliage and trees wrap around buildings, reclaiming cities into acres of forest, and powerful wooden mecha called the Arethusa rampage their streets. Teenager Souma Shin visits New York to see his twin brother, a genius scientist studying aeropathy - an ability to communicate with the forest’s network - in the hopes of stopping the foresting spread. During a military facility visit, Shin attempts to save a group of children held there when an Arethusa attacks. Amidst the chaos, his brother injects Shin with a serum to save him from death, changing him into a hybrid of human and Arethusa. But it comes with a cost: he will slowly be consumed by his new half, becoming another one of nature’s soldiers. Will Shin manage to keep this side of him at bay long enough to find answers? Or will he perish at the military's hands?
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Sep 26, 2003 to Jan 26, 2009
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