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Kanashi no Homura - Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku

21 chapters | Completed | Rank 5930
In Japan of the 16th century, a general and samurai by the name of Saito Dousan decides to offer his daughter Kicho in marriage to the son of the shogun, Oda Nobunaga. But one of Dousan’s vassals, Akechi Mitsuhide, secretly loves Kicho.

In order to remain by her side, he disguises himself as “Mitsu,” a female handmaid to always accompany Kicho wherever she goes. In return for allowing this, Dousan orders Mitsuhide to double as a spy. However, on the way to Owari, they’re toyed with on the young Nobunaga’s whim...where Mitsuhide unwittingly captures the heart of Nobunaga! And yet, there’s an even greater secret that Mitsuhide is trying to guard...


Other Facts

Last UpdatedAugust 1, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesLarmes de samuraï, 愛しの焔 ゆめまぼろしのごとく, Kanashi no Homura, ไฟรักเพลิงสงคราม, かなしのほむら ゆめまぼろしのごとく, Larmes de Samouraï


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Vol.4 Chapter 21: [END]August 1, 2017
Vol.4 Chapter 20August 1, 2017
Vol.4 Chapter 19July 28, 2017
Vol.4 Chapter 18July 28, 2017
Vol.3 Chapter 17July 26, 2017
Vol.3 Chapter 16July 26, 2017
Vol.4 Chapter 15July 26, 2017
Vol.3 Chapter 14July 26, 2017
Vol.3 Chapter 13July 26, 2017
Vol.3 Chapter 12July 26, 2017
Vol.3 Chapter 11July 26, 2017
Vol.3 Chapter 10July 26, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 9July 26, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 8July 13, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 7June 15, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 6June 15, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 5June 15, 2017
Vol.1 Chapter 4June 15, 2017
Vol.1 Chapter 3June 15, 2017
Vol.1 Chapter 2August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 1August 30, 2016