Mikado no Shihou

    Ongoing | 24 chapters
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    • The poor citizens of the Shou Dynasty are suffering, making Kouran resort to stealing for her family
    • After a failed thieving attempt in the Palace, the crown prince is announced dead the following day
    • Kouran has an idea who the culprit might be, but soon gets entangled in Imperial Family complexities
    The Shou Dynasty is an era of widespread famine. Kouran, a girl from a village that cannot afford the taxes, sneaks into the palace to steal its treasure. There she encounters a handsome young man, Shiki. The two meet again the next day, when news that an assassin has killed a prince and made off is being circulated all over the country. Kouran suspects Shiki is the assassin, but his genuine kindness perplexes her...






    PublishedDec 10, 2004 to Jun 10, 2014
    SerializationLaLa DX
    Last UpdatedMarch 18, 2019
    Other namesImperial Treasure, Majo ni Usagi no Ningyo wo, Koushouya Erlin, Himegimi no Yubiwa to Yuuutsu, The Emperor's Gem, Emperor's Treasures, 帝の至宝
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